Ethan Turner

I have created this website for several purposes: to sell my photos of races and other public events and also to share some photos freely with family, friends, etc. or those who've sponsored me on things like Tour de Cure. When I feel it is necessary, I will utilize hidden private and/or password-protected galleries and contact you directly with the URL. For those who may be interested in commercial or special use of any of my photos, please feel free contact me directly if you wish to discuss it further.

If you find a mistake, please let me know. If you find a photo of yourself or your child that you want removed, let me know the gallery and filename or just send me a link to it and I will remove it. When one shoots action photos, one catches things never intended, some good and some bad. The good ones glorify the performer by catching him/her at the peak defining moment of action. The bad ones are out of focus, incorrectly timed, or just present the performer in a negative light. I try to delete all the bad ones before uploading, but do occasionally miss one. If you'd like to contact me, please use email or phone.

For those wishing to purchase more than two prints of an individual action shot, what I would advise you do is go ahead and purchase the fullsize download, since I do not have the capability to discount packages of muliple prints on this site (smugmug). Once you have the fullsize file, you can either have it printed anywhere you want, or if you want to print it from smugmug, let me know and I will remove the markup on prints from that particular file. Smugmugs prints are a bit more expensive the walmart, flickr, etc., but I like them better. The base print prices are here. Shipping is typically around $3 for orders with only small prints and $5 for orders with large prints. Thanks.

Ethan Turner

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